The HPDE At PBIR: The Complete Photo Journal

corvette z06 at hpde at pbir

I heard the deep bellowing of 10-cylinders under full duress a split second before the blurry mish-mash of red and black burst into my peripheral vision. In the small span of time while my senses worked to interpret reality, I felt my adrenaline surge. Even before I was fully aware… Read More

Can Our Post-1960 Car Trivia Challenge Stump You?

post 1960 car trivia challenge

So, maybe the pre-1960’s trivia challenge from last week was a little out of your league…I mean, who cares about those old jalopies anyway, right? You know horsepower, torque, and lateral g-forces! Well, here’s your chance to prove you know your stuff! These 11 questions will leave you thinking about… Read More

Canada’s First Supercar: The Ford GT

the ford gt will be built in canada

When the new Ford GT was introduced at this past January’s North American International Autoshow, every single red-blooded American sprinted outside with a flag in one hand – gun in the other – jumped into their SUV, and performed a raucous series of burnouts and power slides until the lyrics… Read More

What’s In Your 10 Car Dream Garage?

fill in your dream 10 car garage

Take a moment to try a visualization exercise with me. Push your chair back from your desk, or get comfortable on your couch, and close your eyes (figuratively of course – please keep reading)! Imagine yourself in a comfortable bed. You’re covered in the softest Egyptian sheets money can buy…. Read More

5 Of The Most Inferior Cars Ever Produced

the 5 most inferior cars ever produced

For every Viper, ‘Vette, and V-series out there, there is a Vega. Unfortunately, the vast amounts of inferior cars produced seem to outnumber the ones that are spectacular. Of course, without these, the great ones wouldn’t stand out the way they do! Whether it be a result of shoddy engineering,… Read More

Godzilla Glory Days

the r35 gtr is a benchmark performance car

These days, a large number of car manufacturers are looking to successes of past models to fuel their desire to create something thoroughly modern, yet with a nostalgic aesthetic and feel. Ford and Chevy have based their current Mustang and Camaro designs off of the late 60’s models. Acura is… Read More

2015 NSX Leads A Japanese Supercar Renaissance

the new nsx concept is already racing

The ‘80s and ‘90s bore witness to the fall of the great American sports car. Stringent emissions tests, skyrocketing insurance rates, and an overall lack of quality proved to be the Big Three’s performance kryptonite. The Corvettes, Mustangs, and F-bodies of the day bore little resemblance to those that had… Read More