Her V-10 Supra Is Bad Ass AND She Benches More Than You

dana linn bailey drift viper v-10 supra

There’s little reason to go against the grain when just about anyone can slap on an upgraded single-turbo conversion and go Lamborghini-hunting; so in the world of Toyota Supra ownership, it takes something truly outrageous to stand out. Likewise, when it comes to bodybuilding, plenty of people feel satisfied hitting… Read More

American Werewolves in Tokyo

American muscle cars in Japan

Meet Johnny. Johnny is your typical suburban American 20-something. In fact, he lives right down the street from you and your family. Johnny has an entry-level office job, a girlfriend he’s nervous about moving in with, and a browser cache full of YouTube videos of illicit street races featuring GT-Rs,… Read More

Diamond-Star Mayhem

diamond star motors was ajoint venture between mitsubishi and chrysler

I’ve always been fascinated by collaborations between vehicle manufacturers. Designing, building, and marketing what is essentially the same car under more than one brand has always seemed to be an exercise in absurdity to me, yet throughout history there have been many examples of this practice. Perhaps one of the… Read More

The Ultimate Dad Car(?)

the bmw m5 and audi rs7 are great family sports cars

Girl’s car. Soccer mom ride. How many times have you heard these thrown around before? Although normally said in jest, these terms can be hurtful – especially for those of us who are left out of the loop; where are all the “Dad cars?” We’re talking vehicles that are practical,… Read More

What Makes The Supra So…Super?

the toyota supra is a revered model

So what is it about this heavily sought-after and revered automobile named Supra? To the untrained eye; it appears to be a bloated combination of a Celica and Eclipse, topped off with that ridiculous rear spoiler the size of a Humpback whale’s tailfin. On the other hand, those of us… Read More

Godzilla Glory Days

the r35 gtr is a benchmark performance car

These days, a large number of car manufacturers are looking to successes of past models to fuel their desire to create something thoroughly modern, yet with a nostalgic aesthetic and feel. Ford and Chevy have based their current Mustang and Camaro designs off of the late 60’s models. Acura is… Read More

2015 NSX Leads A Japanese Supercar Renaissance

the new nsx concept is already racing

The ‘80s and ‘90s bore witness to the fall of the great American sports car. Stringent emissions tests, skyrocketing insurance rates, and an overall lack of quality proved to be the Big Three’s performance kryptonite. The Corvettes, Mustangs, and F-bodies of the day bore little resemblance to those that had… Read More