The HPDE At PBIR: The Complete Photo Journal

corvette z06 at hpde at pbir

I heard the deep bellowing of 10-cylinders under full duress a split second before the blurry mish-mash of red and black burst into my peripheral vision. In the small span of time while my senses worked to interpret reality, I felt my adrenaline surge. Even before I was fully aware… Read More

2016 Ford Focus RS: The Definition of A Hot Hatch

the upcoming ford focus rs

Today, Ford Motor Company revealed the highly-anticipated Focus RS for the 2016 model year; and for the very first time ever, we’ll be seeing it on our shores! This has been a loooooooong time coming for many auto enthusiasts – regardless of your stance on imports, domestics, 4-cylinders, or V-8s…. Read More