Old or New? 10 Awesome Cars from Then and Now

Porsche 911 Turbo Lineage

One of the most exciting, and sometimes agonizing things about being a life-long car enthusiasts is watching how your favorite models change and evolve over the course of decades. Whether your favorite car’s evolution took place gradually over multiple generations, or tried to find its way through a bunch of… Read More

Can Our Post-1960 Car Trivia Challenge Stump You?

post 1960 car trivia challenge

So, maybe the pre-1960’s trivia challenge from last week was a little out of your league…I mean, who cares about those old jalopies anyway, right? You know horsepower, torque, and lateral g-forces! Well, here’s your chance to prove you know your stuff! These 11 questions will leave you thinking about… Read More

Carstrology: Cars in the Stars

Lamborghini Huracan

Just the other day, my wife handed me her phone and asked me to read her horoscope. Weary of what this could mean, but slightly curious myself, I obliged. It was the usual mumbo-jumbo as far as I was concerned – something about your life’s journey being hard. It was… Read More