The HPDE At PBIR: The Complete Photo Journal

corvette z06 at hpde at pbir

I heard the deep bellowing of 10-cylinders under full duress a split second before the blurry mish-mash of red and black burst into my peripheral vision. In the small span of time while my senses worked to interpret reality, I felt my adrenaline surge. Even before I was fully aware… Read More

Carstrology: Cars in the Stars

Lamborghini Huracan

Just the other day, my wife handed me her phone and asked me to read her horoscope. Weary of what this could mean, but slightly curious myself, I obliged. It was the usual mumbo-jumbo as far as I was concerned – something about your life’s journey being hard. It was… Read More

World War III: Corvette Z06 vs. Nismo GT-R

the gtr and z06 battle head to head

The ultimate car comparison has FINALLY taken place between two high-performance leaders from their respective countries: the Corvette Z06 and Nismo GT-R. Unfortunately we weren’t able to personally conduct this battle of all battles, so we let the guys over at Motor Trend have all the fun – we’re sure… Read More