Longest Running, Most Manufactured Car EVER!

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As the first car to reach 20 MILLION UNITS in sales, the Volkswagen Beetle will undoubtedly go down in automotive history as one of the most recognizable and iconic cars that has ever been produced! It’s history is naturally very long and very interesting. The idea for the car came… Read More

Old or New? 10 Awesome Cars from Then and Now

Porsche 911 Turbo Lineage

One of the most exciting, and sometimes agonizing things about being a life-long car enthusiasts is watching how your favorite models change and evolve over the course of decades. Whether your favorite car’s evolution took place gradually over multiple generations, or tried to find its way through a bunch of… Read More

Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2015 – One For The Ages!


Marking Car Show TV‘s THIRD appearance at Barrett-Jackson events in Palm Beach in as many years, this past weekend just shows how rock-solid the growth of our collector car hobby really is! The true crown jewel of Barrett-Jackson happens near their headquarters in January every year in Scottsdale. Substantial records were… Read More