This Gnarly M5 Packs A Bigger Punch Than Money Mayweather

Carlos's road rally m5 sounds awesome

We all should have known what we were getting into this past Saturday…First there was the unbearably-long build up; followed by the ridiculous, swirling controversies. Finally, the obscene significance attached to it by a small, demented group of old guys desperate to see boxing shrug off its dirty reputation, and… Read More

Carstrology: Cars in the Stars

Lamborghini Huracan

Just the other day, my wife handed me her phone and asked me to read her horoscope. Weary of what this could mean, but slightly curious myself, I obliged. It was the usual mumbo-jumbo as far as I was concerned – something about your life’s journey being hard. It was… Read More

The 2016 Audi R8 Is Spying On You

2016 audi r8 tease shot

The photo Audi released this morning of the all-new 2016 R8 reminds me of “Wilson” from the popular sitcom, Home Improvement; you could only ever see his eyes. This sneak peak which reveals only one corner of the front fascia, is causing quite a stir today – as thousands try to predict… Read More

Why The Road Has No Room For Rage

road rage in georgia

Yet another road-rage video has gone viral after a biker captured a Civic owner swerving all over the road on his video camera. What happened next however, is the worst nightmare for any biker looking to go out for a nice evening ride: This got us thinking back to some… Read More