Cars That Defined A Decade

cars that defined their decades

Since we were already talking about time machines earlier, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at the cars that defined the past six decades. We actually surprised ourselves with some of these, but hear us out – we think we can convince you as to… Read More

Our Top 8 Picks From NAIAS 2015

car show televisions top 8 picks from the 2015 naias

There isn’t much preamble to go through here. The North American International Auto Show is one of the most popular and relevant auto shows in the world; and there were some heavy hitters that debuted this year. Here are eight of our favorites: Acura NSX After a long production absence,… Read More

Godzilla Glory Days

the r35 gtr is a benchmark performance car

These days, a large number of car manufacturers are looking to successes of past models to fuel their desire to create something thoroughly modern, yet with a nostalgic aesthetic and feel. Ford and Chevy have based their current Mustang and Camaro designs off of the late 60’s models. Acura is… Read More

2015 NSX Leads A Japanese Supercar Renaissance

the new nsx concept is already racing

The ‘80s and ‘90s bore witness to the fall of the great American sports car. Stringent emissions tests, skyrocketing insurance rates, and an overall lack of quality proved to be the Big Three’s performance kryptonite. The Corvettes, Mustangs, and F-bodies of the day bore little resemblance to those that had… Read More

Acura NSX

acura nsx featured car - car show tv

“Ka-BOOM!” That my friends is the sound of a game-changer…Or perhaps in this case, it’s more like “mmmmBAAAAH” because VTEC just kicked in! Launched in 1990, the all-aluminum bodied NSX brought a whole list of “firsts” with it to the supercar game. This exquisitely engineered automotive masterpiece combined world-beating performance… Read More