Car Show TV Prepares for a New Season

Car Show TV has been dormant for the last year running in re-runs on television, but plans are in the works for a whole new season with new show hosts, lots of new car shows, and a new look for our website.


As many of you know, the driving creative force behind Car Show TV, Andrew McClary has had to change the direction of his life for the last year and a half to help his teenage son fight cancer. This has taken a great toll on the McClary family as their son Nicholas went through chemo, radiation, and then a bone marrow transplant at the beginning of this year. Nicholas is now home and recovering from the bone marrow transplant which has left him very weak and without an immune system. This has meant that Andrew had to really withdraw from public life because he had to watch closely what germs he might bring home to his son. Nicholas’s cancer is gone and if he can remain healthy until the new marrow has time to rebuild in his body, he should recover fully.
In anticipation of the McClary’s son’s recovery, Andrew began plans for a new season to begin filming in the Fall of 2017. A test show was shot at the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance in February with our new hosts Harrison “The Kid” Carter and the lovely Paige Munneke. They did a fabulous job and have a great chemistry on screen. Both are avid car enthusiast and have a lot of talent and we think they will bring Car Show TV to a whole new level. Harrison has been actively involved in a lot of local car clubs and drifting. He is also a very popular DJ on the mic at a lot of local night clubs. Paige has grown up around cars since she was a kid helping her father who is in the car business. She is a manager at a local performance auto parts store and has no problem putting on a welding helmet and crawling under a car. Both Paige and Harrison have been guest on Car Show TV before.

IMG_7585Andrew will continue on making occasional appearances but will be mostly focusing on directing and producing the show from the business end. Alex Berry is no longer an official member of the Car Show TV team, but is still a great friend of the show and may join us from time to time. He is currently working as a producer for another television show unrelated to cars.

Our website will also be getting a facelift with more emphasis on the car show calendars and videos from car shows.  We will also be accepting fan made videos from car shows around the country.  So if you are a videoproducer for your local car club, we will have a way for you to send us your videos so they can become a part of our site and clips from the possibly included in our television show.

We are currently lining up sponsors for our new season. We have lots of opportunities to get brands in front of lots of car enthusiast and buyers on a weekly basis. For more information contact

Andrew McClary
Andrew McClary is the Executive Producer and director for Car Show TV.