Does speed kill? Actually slow drivers in the left lane do.


For those of us that like to drive “a bit” faster than most, we already know that its often times safer dealing with what is in front of us than worrying about whats coming up behind us.  This all changes though when we encounter someone who is going slow in the left lane.  Now let me be clear here, the “slow poke” might actually be going the speed limit, but they are going slower or the same speed as the traffic that is in the right lane.  This poses a problem because now it is forcing the faster driver to slow down, change lanes into the right lane, and swerve to pass the slower driver.  Worst yet, if the faster driver is really impatient they may tailgate or “push” the slower driver causing an even worst condition.

Well it seems that the insurance companies are also starting to catch on to this and have begun asking police to start enforcing this.  There are already laws in many states and now those are starting to be enforced.  But instead of pushing for tickets, lets just do a little social media pushing on our slower friends to let them know that they are creating a danger.