5 (Un)Written Rules For Car Show Attendees

Throughout the hundreds of car shows we have under our belts, we have honestly seen it all. From being oblivious to giant “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH” signs to hovering within inches of a car while clutching the world’s messiest order of fake cheese nachos in one hand and a drink with enough sugar to last a lifetime in the other. Oh, and how could we forget – walking directly in front of someone with a camera focused on a car!

don't touch, lean, or spill food on cars displayed please

The truth of the matter is though, these kind of slip-ups can happen to the best of us (yeah, even ME)! Want to make sure you’re never “that guy” when you’re attending this weekend’s show? Familiarize yourself with these 5 previously-unwritten-now-written rules of engagement:

1. Don’t Touch the Show Cars (Unless Asked To)

please do not touch show cars unless asked

Unlike Fight Club, the first rule of Car Shows is that you should tell everyone about them. However, the second “first” rule is ‘Do Not Touch!’ It doesn’t matter if a vehicle looks fresh out of the junkyard, or is the only remaining example in the entire world; the owner put in more time preparing their car for the show than they did actually being productive at work the week leading up to it!

2. Keep Food and Drinks Away

rare cars at car shows should be treated with respect

Look, we all gotta eat – some of us more than others (stick to those New Year’s Resolutions guys!) As car enthusiasts, we bring our cars out for our own and other’s enjoyment. We didn’t just spend countless hours waxing and removing water spots for Greasy McBurgerson to treat our babies like a serving tray, and ruin the experience for everyone.

3. Cars are for Looking – Not Leaning

no matter what the car looks like, don;t lean on it

Now touching is one thing. Leaning your elbow or rear end on a show car is quite another. Firstly, those buttons on your Levi’s can easily scratch or dent. Secondly, the vehicle is not yours – so please, be respectful of other people’s property! Finding scratches and imperfections attending a show is one way to ensure no one ever comes back again – and then where would you ever find a place to take a load off for a couple of minutes?

4. Let the Judges Judge

it might not be your style, but keep negative comments to yourself

You are more than entitled to your own opinion – you learn that as a youngin. However, you also learn to keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say! Please don’t bash one of the vehicles just because it isn’t your particular taste or style – all owners have shed plenty of blood, sweat, tears, and their own money while building their rides. Let’s all just appreciate the shared love of cars together!

5. Keep an Eye Out for the Guy With the Camera

unwritten rules of car show attendees

Being able to capture all these high-quality photos and video is not as easy as one might think. If it wasn’t for the common courtesy we are given during a show by all participants, organizers, and visitors, we wouldn’t be able to produce such great content for our fans’ enjoyment. Whether Car Show Television is your favorite source for excellent car show footage, or you’re a fan of some other, lower quality program (for whatever reason), please be mindful of all of us out there shooting video and taking photographs. Who knows, you and your pride and joy might be next!