Us Drift Circuit Sliding into Sunset

Every generation has their automotive sport, and for the newest generation of car lovers that sport is drifting. To the uninitiated it my look like a bunch of guys just going out and doing donuts but its so much more. In drifting drivers drive a set race course but score points for style, getting the car sideways, making smoke, and most importantly how close they can get their car to certain markers on the track. These guys aren’t just race drivers, they are stunt driver, and they are competing to see who is the best.

Car Show Television went to our first drifting event in June and fell in love with the enthusiasm, burning tires, noise, and speed of this sport. Its just a blast to watch and experience for these classic car lovers. There is something about these young guys that caught our attention. So come on along and get a taste of drifting in South Florida.

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