39th Annual Frog Follies in Evansville, Indiana 2013

Car Show Television’s Andrew McClary got a chance to return home for the weekend to his parents family farm in Southern Indiana just outside of Evansville, Indiana. But he wasn’t just there to run around on ATV’s with his dad. No he was there to cover the 39th Annual Frog Follies pre-1949 car show that is held every year in Evansville, Indiana by the E’Ville Iron Car Club. This three day event attracts almost 4,000 street rods, antiques, and hot rods and over 30,000 spectators from all over the mid-west.

The show was originally organized by the club around “frog races” and other events which were held for the kids. Though these races still go on, the cars have taken over the event. Besides all of the beautiful finished cars, there is a huge area for parts and cars in need of restoration that look like they were just pulled out of the barn for this event. (Well some look like they might have come out of a field.)

This event really does take more than two days to see. Every turn I made I came across more cars that just had to be filmed. One of the big draws to this event though is the people. You couldn’t have met a nicer group of people who were there to have fun. Just good country hospitality.

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