Cars and Coffee at the Styles Collection

Car Show Television was up early on Saturday for Cars and Coffee which was hosted at the Styles Collection. We got a chance to interview Brian Styles and get a tour of “The Zoo” a few days before the event.

Despite a lot of rain over the weekend, we got a chance to attend this months Cars and Coffee at which was held at The Styles Collection.  We got a chance to catch up with Brian Styles a few days before the show and got a personal tour of “The Zoo”, his collection of Cougars, Road Runners, Firebirds, and Cudas.  For those that braved the cloudy skies we got a chance to see some other great cars at the event including a very rare Amphicar, which might have been a wise choice of rides considering the Florida weather that week.

Brian gets to watch over a great collection of cars, some that he owns, some that his girlfriend owns, and a few other from close friends. ‘The Zoo’ as he calls the warehouse the is the home of the collection is a giant man cave complete with pool table, television, a full bar, and a huge collection of pin ball machines.

This event is airing on our television show at 9pm on The Auto Channel (WHDT).  The video will be available on the web on Sunday.